Quentin Tarantino's Science Fiction Movie Could Be Seriously Weird

He had a bad zombie trip in Planet Terror (pictured above), but Quentin Tarantino has never directed a straight-up science fiction movie before. But that might be about to change. He told Comic-Con he's working on something. » 7/28/14 2:46pm 7/28/14 2:46pm

Quentin Tarantino Is Making A Django Unchained/Zorro Crossover Comic

We hoped that Quentin Tarantino's avenging ex-slave Django would ride again, but we never expected that he'd team up with another pop culture character. Tarantino is collaborating on a comic where Django meets up with the famed vigilante Zorro. » 6/18/14 3:43pm 6/18/14 3:43pm

Tarantino's third alternate history movie will be a much bloodier…

If you didn't get enough cathartic revenge for historical wrongs from Django Unchained, then rejoice. Quentin Tarantino isn't done showing the victims of racial abuse rising up and killing the oppressors. His third alt-history movie, Killer Crow, tells the story of African American soldiers during World War II who go… » 12/29/12 3:00pm 12/29/12 3:00pm

Django Unchained: What Kind of Fantasy Is This?

Two years before the Civil War, a freed slave named Django becomes a bounty hunter because he can't think of any job more awesome than killing white guys for money. Wearing anachronistic sunglasses, accompanied by his preternaturally anti-racist white partner Schultz, he shoots his way through the South with one… » 12/28/12 11:36am 12/28/12 11:36am

The Big Bang: Proof That Not Everybody Can Be Tarantino

Some movies just want to blow shit up and feed you cheesy one-liners, plus the occasional bit of eye-candy. And then there are movies that really want to be clever and meaningful. When a clever movie fails, it fails harder. » 5/13/11 1:30pm 5/13/11 1:30pm

Read Quentin Tarantino's adorable letter to a 13-year-old From Dusk…

In 1996, a 13-year-old fan of Robert Rodriguez's vampire flick From Dusk Till Dawn wrote a friendly letter to Quentin Tarantino, lauding his portrayal of psychotic bank robber Richie Gecko. Here's the director's handwritten reply to his young fan. » 5/10/11 10:30am 5/10/11 10:30am

The Amazing Wrongness of Rainn Wilson's New Superhero Movie

If Quentin Tarantino directed a superhero movie on speed, you might end up with something like Super, starring Rainn Wilson and Ellen Page. We caught an early showing of this demented gem at South By Southwest. Here's a spoiler-lite review. » 3/13/11 12:00pm 3/13/11 12:00pm

Watch what Quentin Tarantino calls one of the greatest credit scenes in…

Quentin Tarantino released his list of the best films from 2010. Singling out Gaspar Noé's psychedelic melodrama Enter The Void as having one of the best credit scenes of (possibly) the decade. Watch the scene, and read his entire list. » 1/03/11 4:24pm 1/03/11 4:24pm

The second greatest zombie penis scene of all time (maybe NSFW)

There's so much wrongness — and so much greatness — in this scene from Planet Terror. Quentin Tarantino proves, once again, he's willing to go places most actors would steer clear of... culminating in history's second-best zombie-penis scene. Possibly NSFW? » 12/30/10 6:57pm 12/30/10 6:57pm

Tarantino Explores His Alternate World War II For "Inglourious…

If you saw Inglourious Basterds in theaters, you may have missed a lot of the sly references in this weird alternate history of World War II. The DVD is packed with cool trivia, plus a very strange interview with Tarantino. » 12/16/09 11:15am 12/16/09 11:15am

In an Alternate Universe, Inglouirous Basterds is Already a Comic

Quentin Tarantino's violent alternate history of World War II isn't a comic yet, but these Jack Kirby-inspired comic book covers are begging to be made into a full series. Perhaps someday we'll see Tarantino's Nazi-killing violence in four colors. » 11/16/09 6:30am 11/16/09 6:30am

5 Things You Didn't Know About BSG Season 4

What's the secret connection between Quentin Tarantino and Felix Gaeta? What relationship between Bear McCreary (in person) and Starbuck did we almost see? We've got the exclusive answers, from Battlestar Galactica: The Official Companion Season Four. » 10/28/09 12:30pm 10/28/09 12:30pm

Quentin Tarantino's Spin Through Alternate History

This week sees the release of Inglourious Basterds, Quentin Tarantino's gory World War II revenge flick. But audiences won't just see Nazi-scalping action; they'll also watch Tarantino dip his toes into the waters of alternate history. Spoilers below... » 8/21/09 4:00pm 8/21/09 4:00pm

Nazi Werewolf Gals Spread The Pure Blood Word Through Comic

Strap on your topless suspenders and gas masks, Project Pure Wolf is getting it's own comic book. You may remember these busty German broads as one of the fake trailers that aired during Quentin Tarantino's Grindhouse double feature. According to Rob Zomibie's myspace blog the Werewolf Women of the S.S. shall be… » 7/13/08 12:00pm 7/13/08 12:00pm