Could A Live Action Movie Adaptation Of Yu-Gi-Oh Work?

Yu-Gi-Oh was originally a manga that ran from 1996 to 2004 that was written by Kazuki Takahashi and published by Shonen Jump, the same company that released other manga like Dragon Ball, Death Note and One Piece. It is best known for its trading card game that has become popular worldwide as well as the second… » 2/18/15 4:40pm 2/18/15 4:40pm

Can a Jedi Lightsaber Cut Through Superman?

Someone at Yahoo! Answers asks: "Can a Jedi lightsaber cut through Superman?" In other words: is Superman more powerful than a Midichlorian? You'll never be able to get this question out of your head without at least trying to answer it. » 2/01/08 10:35am 2/01/08 10:35am