New Images Suggest Event Horizon Could Have Been Awesome

One of the movies that showed great promise that it never quite managed to deliver on was Paul W.S. Anderson's Event Horizon. The space horror starred Laurence Fishburne, Sam Neill and Kathleen Quinlan as members of a rescue vessel, the Lewis and Clark, sent to check on a distress signal sent from the Event Horizon, a… »8/18/13 11:00am8/18/13 11:00am


Get a glimpse of a fantastical factory in this steampunk fable about work

Over at post-apocalyptic site Quiet Earth, we got a glimpse the concept trailer for a movie called Oculista that we hope will actually get made someday. It's a kind of steampunk fairy tale about the ways corporations trick people into doing back-breaking labor (the images of the factory, full of people on bicycles,… »3/10/12 5:45pm3/10/12 5:45pm