New Images Suggest Event Horizon Could Have Been Awesome

One of the movies that showed great promise that it never quite managed to deliver on was Paul W.S. Anderson's Event Horizon. The space horror starred Laurence Fishburne, Sam Neill and Kathleen Quinlan as members of a rescue vessel, the Lewis and Clark, sent to check on a distress signal sent from the Event Horizon, a… » 8/18/13 8:00am 8/18/13 8:00am

Get a glimpse of a fantastical factory in this steampunk fable about…

Over at post-apocalyptic site Quiet Earth, we got a glimpse the concept trailer for a movie called Oculista that we hope will actually get made someday. It's a kind of steampunk fairy tale about the ways corporations trick people into doing back-breaking labor (the images of the factory, full of people on bicycles,… » 3/10/12 2:45pm 3/10/12 2:45pm

Breathtaking trailer for a movie about the only man who doesn't want to…

We were very excited when, earlier this year, director Martin Villeneuve (younger brother of the much respected Dennis Villeneuve), provided us with an update on his project Mars et Avril. » 12/22/11 1:06pm 12/22/11 1:06pm

An asylum that's the only refuge from a world gone mad

In a futuristic insane asylum, the inmates fight to stay inside because the outside world has become so crazy. Welcome to the dark, Gilliam-esque world of Rania Ajami's Asylum Seekers. » 6/04/10 8:30am 6/04/10 8:30am

Stunning Trailer for German Apocalyptic Zombie Film "Rammbock"

Rammbock is a German zombie film that will be having its world premier at the Cannes film festival. It looks utterly incredible. German expressionism crossed with 28 Days Later. » 5/05/10 1:56pm 5/05/10 1:56pm


Ever wake up and think: "Today I'd like to have my inner ears tied to a seven-story turbine as it vomits the inhabitants of an insane asylum, while my eyes are violated watching a conveyor belt sexually molest itself?" » 4/29/10 3:55pm 4/29/10 3:55pm

The Childhood Wonder Of A Giant Robotic Squid In "The Anachronism"

Written and directed by Matthew Gordon Long, The Anachronism is short steampunk film which about two young children on a science expedition on a beautiful sunny day. Then they discover Septopus, a 14-foot robotic squid. We've got the full film. » 4/22/10 10:06am 4/22/10 10:06am

Groovy Concept Art For Upcoming Scifi Comedy Flick

Space Station 76 is billed as an interpersonal comedy with robots which is set on a space station. The concept work is fantastic. It looks like a cross between Buck Rogers and a swingers party. Beedi-beedi! Bring it on! » 4/14/10 1:15pm 4/14/10 1:15pm

Hackers Vs. Secret Nazi Cabals In "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo"

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo injects its pulpy, high-tech noir with references to Swedish/Nazi collaborators and secret societies. If you dig a well-executed suspense thriller, this movie plays like a master's guide on how it's done. » 4/07/10 2:29pm 4/07/10 2:29pm

"Cargo" Could Be The Next Great Space Epic

Despite what the ads show you, Cargo is not your typical space-station horror movie. It's Switzerland's first large scale science fiction film, and it's one that showcases enough smarts and skill that it ranks among scifi cinema's best. » 3/24/10 11:23am 3/24/10 11:23am

First Impressions of "Monsters": A Quarantined Mexico Packed With Aliens

The advance word (more like hopeful speculation, really) was that this would be the "Mexican District 9," but Monsters is a much more modest and subdued affair, and perhaps its greatest accomplishment is the establishment of its intriguing new mythology. » 3/16/10 3:02pm 3/16/10 3:02pm

A Fresh Apocalypse Every Day

Do you feel like you're falling behind when it comes to the latest developments in post-apocalyptic pop culture? Now you never have to be out of the end-of-the-world loop again, thanks to the Quiet Earth blog, a fantastic compendium of all things apocalypse devoted to "making the post-apocalyptic genre mainstream."… » 11/28/07 2:00pm 11/28/07 2:00pm