Two futuristic ways to give classic SF novels for the holidays

What do you get the person who has every scifi TV series in a DVD box set, all the latest scifi hardbacks, plus every gorgeous comic book collection and all the action figures you've ever heard of (plus probably like 20 more)? There is an actual answer to this question. You get them the books that helped create the… » 12/17/12 5:07pm 12/17/12 5:07pm

HiLoBooks launches to publish serialized novels and Radium Age science fiction

Because there's never enough great fiction in the world, we're extremely excited that the incredible pop culture website HiLoBrow is launching its own publishing line, HiLoBooks, to bring us fascinating new serialized fiction and reintroduce the world to the scifi novels of the Radium Age. » 1/08/12 8:00am 1/08/12 8:00am