Meet the Raelians: Inside the World's Strangest — and Nicest — UFO Sex Clone Religion

The International Raelian Movement might be the world's most science-fictional religion — at the very least, they're up there with Scientology. Their founder claims he met the aliens who created the human race, and their main ritual involves sending your DNA to an alien planet. The group announced they cloned a human… »11/21/11 3:00pm11/21/11 3:00pm


Five Large-Scale Attempts to Change the Course of Human Evolution

Charles Darwin first explained the principles of sexual selection in his controversial book The Descent of Man (1871). Ever since then, people have wanted to tinker with human evolution via artificial sexual selection. Dictators, mad doctors, and crazed social scientists have proposed — and even carried out — human… »2/28/08 10:40am2/28/08 10:40am