Is This Cover Appropriate for Batgirl?

So recently, there's been a kerfuffle over the "Joker Variant" cover of Batgirl #41. DC has been doing monthly variants for most of its comics and this month, the theme was the Joker. Unfortunately, the variant cover they chose for Batgirl didn't exactly match the fun tone that the book conveys. In fact, it was pretty… »3/18/15 3:12am3/18/15 3:12am


​A Man Challenges Time Itself To Save His Wife In Comic Epic Ei8ht

Rafael Albuquerque is best known for his haunting art on Vertigo's American Vampire comics, but he's running out of time (literally!) in Ei8ht, co-written by Mike Johnson, and due out next February from Dark Horse. We're thrilled to announce and reveal the first details regarding this chronally challenged scifi epic. »7/14/14 5:40pm7/14/14 5:40pm