First track from the Game of Thrones rap album is actually pretty good

Yesterday, we told you that HBO was releasing an album of rap songs inspired by Game of Thrones, and we had a nice chuckle at the incongruity of it all. But now HBO has released the first song from said album — "King Slayer" by Wale — and damn if it isn't kind of awesome. Listen to it here! » 3/06/14 12:30pm 3/06/14 12:30pm

Cobra debuts its dopest weapon in its war on GI Joe, the Rap Viper

Actually, this is the great new music video from rapper Wordburglar, "Rap Viper," off his new GI Joe-themed album Welcome to Cobra Island. But it should be real, if only because it's not even close to the least ludicrous soldier Cobra employs. I'm looking at you, Big Boa. » 1/13/14 7:00pm 1/13/14 7:00pm

Hip-Hop From the Future: Inside Deltron's First New Record Since 2000

In May of 2000 three legends of hip-hop formed a supergroup and created something nobody saw coming: A futuristic, sci-fi rap album. Over the years, Deltron 3030 has developed an almost fanatical cult following. The long awaited sequel—officially released today—is likely to do the same. » 10/01/13 5:17pm 10/01/13 5:17pm

Finally: An epic, original science rap that's actually really good

Science raps have this habit of being forgivably bad, in that this-isn't-really-a-rap-but-we'll-let-it-slide-because-you're-scientists-and-you're-clearly-trying sort of way. But this original piece from Jabari Johnson, a senior at Harlem Urban Assembly School for the Performing Arts, needs no such pardon. » 7/09/13 8:40am 7/09/13 8:40am

The exclusive debut of Adam Warrock's new BSG music video “Galactica”

Nerdcore rapper Adam Warrock has sung about everything from Firefly to Marvel's West Coast Avengers comics, and now we can add the new Battlestar Galactica series to his oeuvre. He's just released an 8-song EP inspired by the original miniseries, and io9 is proud to debut the first track and music video, "Galactica." » 7/02/13 8:20am 7/02/13 8:20am

C-3PO is fluent in six million languages, but rap is not one of them

I have no idea why this 1986 Star Tours promo video of C-3PO rapping (specifically, rapping terribly) has been coursing through the Interwebs today, but far be it from me to fail to inflict such pain share such a delight with you guys. Although in all fairness to the protocol droid, he's gotten better since then. » 7/01/13 7:40am 7/01/13 7:40am

90-year-old Stan Lee is a parkour master with his own theme song,…

Stan Lee has done plenty in his 90 years on this planet Earth, but now you can add "parkour master" to his titles of "creator of some of the greatest comics characters of all time" and "movie cameo star." Watch Stan jump, roll and climb his way through L.A. with skills that would even inpress Spider-Man. » 3/14/13 10:30am 3/14/13 10:30am

Tesla gets his revenge on Thomas Edison through the "power" of rap

Epic Rap Battles of History has finally gotten around to the most important scientific feud of all time. I was afraid Edison's savvy business sense and promotional skills would lead him to having the doper rhymes, but I feel like Tesla really pulled it out at the end. Oh, if only the real Tesla had been so lucky! » 3/12/13 11:30am 3/12/13 11:30am

Oh, it's just the Stark kids rapping the Game of Thrones opening credits

Last year, the entire Internet was delighted by Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner and Isaac Hempstead-Wright — Arya, Sansa and Bran Stark, respectively — singing their version of the Game of Thrones opening credits in a DVD/Blu-ray commentary track. Well, the season 2 Blu-ray/DVD is coming out next month, and I'm… » 1/09/13 6:20am 1/09/13 6:20am

The most epic rap battle of Middle-Earth is between Gollum and…

When Gollum/Smeagol hasn't been busy thinking up riddles, he's clearly been working on his rhymes and his bass-dropping skills. As such, this wonderful rap battle music video between the two facets of his personality culminates in one of the grandest Hobbit parody vids I've seen for at least a week and a half.… » 1/01/13 8:30am 1/01/13 8:30am

The Coolest Gundam Wing Rap Song You'll Hear Today

You tend to think of Nerdcore rappers as having come out of the world of geek culture and then getting into rap — rather than starting out in hip hop and then starting to rap about nerdy stuff. But Richie Branson (aka Marcus Brown) started out producing rap albums for Def Jam and Sony — and then he decided to get into … » 4/04/12 11:40am 4/04/12 11:40am