These Are The World's Weirdest Birds

There are almost 10,000 bird species flying the skies, roaming the lands, and diving the waters of our planet. Some of them are pretty similar to one another, perhaps because the two species diverged only relatively recently. But some of them are so unique you won't believe they're not made up. » 4/22/14 4:00pm 4/22/14 4:00pm

When dinosaurs team up with lasers, you're basically screwed

This is my favorite scene from the Roger Corman film Raptor — which is basically an ultra-cheap Jurassic Park rip-off starring Eric Roberts and a bunch of people you've never heard of. In this scene, a researcher working on a project to breed dinosaurs has lost sight of the mission — so he has to be disposed of,… » 12/06/12 5:00pm 12/06/12 5:00pm

Just try to get through this video on the evolution of the Jurassic Park

Some special effects are so amazing that even watching them come together inspires awe and wonder. This video, narrated by Stan Winston Studios visual effects supervisor John Rosengrant, highlights just how amazing the Jurassic Park raptor effects were. It takes us from the sculpture of a man inside a raptor suit… » 10/20/12 3:00pm 10/20/12 3:00pm

A woman and her pet Utahraptor go traipsing through the streets of…

What would you do if you saw a raptor strolling through your city, happily sniffing the storefronts while walking obediently on-leash? Would you run for it, or would you treat it like a giant, talon-wielding dog? » 8/11/12 4:00pm 8/11/12 4:00pm

Recently discovered species of raptor validates the fears of anyone who…

One of the most recognizable characteristics of raptor dinosaurs — the clever, pack-hunting carnivores immortalized in the Jurassic Park movie series — is the enormous, scythe-like talon located on the second digit of each of their feet. But the true function of this intimidating anatomical feature has puzzled… » 9/19/11 5:00pm 9/19/11 5:00pm

And now from Japan, Velociraptor Santa Claus

Screw Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman. I've found a new holiday mascot to burn gingerbread effigies before. His name is Raptor Santa Claus, he's from Japan, and he's a damn robot. » 12/18/10 3:00pm 12/18/10 3:00pm