Air Force wants ray guns for "weed prevention"

The Air Force is looking to hire a gardener - preferably one with ray guns. You see, just like the rest of us, the military is embarrassed by their unkempt, weed-filled backyards. They've tried spraying those pesky weeds with toxic herbicides, but chemicals are expensive and - this was news to me - apparently, when… »11/13/11 12:15pm11/13/11 12:15pm

Important Safety Instructions for Ray Guns, Teleporters and Bionic Arms

So you've got yourself a fancy new blaster. But will you know how to use it safely, and avoid melting your face? Miles Donovan with The Daily Robot has created amazing safety instructions for some of your most important science fiction gadgetry. Check out the posters for teleportation devices and bionic limbs below. »2/16/11 10:30am2/16/11 10:30am

Ray-Blunderbuss Available: It's What The Refined Astronauts Use

We're all familiar with the sexy-as-hell ray gun collection from Weta »9/26/08 12:30pm9/26/08 12:30pm. Well, now your very own ray-blunderbuss is available for pre-order. This ray gun is packing one hell of a muzzle, and if it's anything like its ancestor, this thing is going to spray death rays all over your enemies' faces. Prices for the “The…