Researchers create two different kinds of lava lamp... for science!

Okay, technically this isn't a lava lamp, but you could have fooled me, given the mellow music and the drifting plumes of colored liquid. Researchers at Cambridge performed an experiment to find out more about fluid dynamics by coming up with two completely different ways that liquids can mix due to Rayleigh-Taylor… »1/17/13 9:20am1/17/13 9:20am

A gorgeous demonstration of Rayleigh-Taylor instability

What you're seeing above is a video of a study done by Sandra Zetina and Roberto Zenit, at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. They were studying a technique pioneered by painter David Alfaro Siquieros, who used the mixing of different densities of paint in his paintings. It was a technique he called… »12/19/12 9:20am12/19/12 9:20am