30 Cult Movies That Absolutely Everybody Must See

A great cult movie is like a weird underground discovery, that feels so strange and wonderful, you suspect that you're the first person ever to appreciate it properly. But certain cult films have acquired fame and influence to rival any blockbuster, and have become part of our shared vocabulary. Here are 30 essential… » 3/07/14 11:48am 3/07/14 11:48am

Headless Zombie, Meet Helpless Scientist. Naked. (NSFW)

This is something I've been wanting to share with you for a long time: The very best visual pun to hit the B-movie screen EVAR. Plus, this could be the most perverted thing I've ever seen. Well, let's just say it's among the most perverted, how's that? From classic 1980s horror flick Re-Animator, directed by… » 7/08/08 5:15pm 7/08/08 5:15pm

Re-Animator Flick On Hold Because Zombies Are Way Too Political

My heart is breaking because Jeffrey Combs just told SciFi Wire that we may be waiting a lot longer for the much-anticipated House of Re-Animator, the fourth in the Re-Animator series, and the second to be directed by its anarchist-comedian mastermind, Stuart Gordon. Apparently its political message, about a zombie… » 10/08/07 11:59pm 10/08/07 11:59pm