Alleged Mansion Squatter Plunders $300,000 in Fine Art [Updated]

The San Francisco housing market is notoriously insane right now. However, maybe don’t try to get around it by squatting in a conveniently vacant $12.5 million mansion abandoned by a bankrupt tech bro, and helping yourself to hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of artwork left hanging on its walls. »10/20/15 7:30pm10/20/15 7:30pm


For just $50 million you can live in Bob Hope's giant UFO House

Dreamt up by the legendary architect John Lautner, this 24,000 square foot retro-futuristic masterpiece is on the market — for a whopping $50 million. The house was finished in 1973 for comedian Bob Hope and his Martian offspring, located in Palm Springs, California (the perfect place for a desert alien meetup.) Act… »3/11/13 4:51pm3/11/13 4:51pm