Live Your Fairy-Tale Dreams By Moving Into This Magical Amusement Park

"Aggressively priced" at just over $2.1 million: the awesomely retro Enchanted Forest, located in an actual old-growth forest in British Columbia. The owners, who built up the park in the 1950s and 60s, are retiring ... which means this is your chance to take over (pet dragon included). » 2/09/15 12:30pm 2/09/15 12:30pm

Paranormal Activity House Sold, Ghosts Not Included

The San Diego, Calif., home once owned by filmmaker Oren Peli — who famously used it as the set for his low-budget, blockbuster-earning, sequel-spawning Paranormal Activity — was quickly snapped up for $749,000 after going on the market January 21st. » 2/02/15 10:20am 2/02/15 10:20am

Want To See Where Ray Bradbury Lived For 50 Years? Too Bad.

Though Ray Bradbury's literary legacy lives on after the author's 2012 passing, the Los Angeles home where he lived for over 50 years is currently getting the teardown treatment. » 1/15/15 9:40am 1/15/15 9:40am

Ghosts Come Free With Purchase Of This Medieval Castle

If you have a spare $429,000, a love of history, a burning desire to live in the northernmost region of England, and don't mind sharing your abode with a ghostly woman (and, according to some reports, a phantom hound), step right this way. » 1/12/15 12:00pm 1/12/15 12:00pm

Laura Palmer’s Twin Peaks House Is For Sale

For a sum of $549,950, the home of Laura, Sarah and Leland Palmer from Twin Peaks can be yours. And yes, the interiors still maintain that "What is going on?" charm; it even has that creepy wicker rocking chair! » 7/02/14 10:19am 7/02/14 10:19am

Real Estate Experts Value Goku’s House At Way Over 9,000

So, how much would the home of Dragon Ball's hero be worth on today's market? It's got nothing to do with power levels. As this infographic reveals, as with all houses, it's about size and location. » 5/09/14 2:20pm 5/09/14 2:20pm

For just $50 million you can live in Bob Hope's giant UFO House

Dreamt up by the legendary architect John Lautner, this 24,000 square foot retro-futuristic masterpiece is on the market — for a whopping $50 million. The house was finished in 1973 for comedian Bob Hope and his Martian offspring, located in Palm Springs, California (the perfect place for a desert alien meetup.) Act… » 3/11/13 1:51pm 3/11/13 1:51pm

Mole Man of Hackney's tunnel-filled home is for sale

Civil engineer William Lyttle was known as the "Mole Man of Hackney" after spending 40 years digging a network tunnels beneath his home. Now Lyttle's property is up for sale, although with considerably fewer tunnels. » 6/03/12 9:30am 6/03/12 9:30am

Live like a Bond villain in your very own nuclear bomb-proof satellite…

If you've already got the white cat, the diamond-powered laser, and the army of henchpersons, all you need to complete your villainous lifestyle is a satellite tracking station to call home. The Jamesburg Earth Station could be yours for just under $3 million. » 1/08/12 1:30pm 1/08/12 1:30pm

Can you buy land on the Moon?

For now at least, the moon is like the sea: everyone can use it, but no one can own it. In 1967 the U.S. and the Soviet Union negotiated the Outer Space Treaty, which states that no nation can own a piece of the moon or an asteroid. » 9/02/11 2:25pm 9/02/11 2:25pm

Gene Wolfe's New Novel: Another Weird House Book

The flood of books about weird old houses that are full of secrets continues, as if our real estate bust continues to rattle our collective consciousness. The latest entry: Gene Wolfe's The Sorcerer's House. Spoilers ahead! » 5/12/10 3:06pm 5/12/10 3:06pm

Welcome to the Crumbling Future of the Vegas Strip

Las Vegas' Project CityCenter, the largest private development in the Unites States, was to be 8 acres of shops, casinos, hotels, condos, and theaters. But now it looks like big portions of the project may remain in a state of half-built rubble piles for years to come, due to the current credit crisis in the United… » 3/24/08 7:00am 3/24/08 7:00am