The Hottest Trend In Upcoming TV Shows? Remakes

Last year this time, high-concept ideas were making waves among the big TV networks. But according to Deadline this year's winning pitches were medical dramas, and remakes of old TV shows and movies. » 11/26/14 4:38pm 11/26/14 4:38pm

10 Best Gonzo Science Fiction Movies in the Whole Crazy Universe

The coolest science fiction movies are often ones which unscrew your head and then screw it back on, slightly askew. But a select few movies go even further, pouring some rainbow soup into your head while it's still semi-detached. This weekend sees the release of John Dies at the End, which is part of a proud… » 1/23/13 10:00am 1/23/13 10:00am

The 10 greatest paranormal teen comedies of the 1980s

The 1980s wasn't just the golden age of Star Trek movies — it was also the heydey of teen comedies, from Porkys to Molly Ringwald. And what could be better than teenage hijinks with scientific craziness or bizarre supernatural powers? » 12/16/10 1:26pm 12/16/10 1:26pm

20 mad scientists who turned against their creations

The greatest mad scientists dabble in forces that... wait for it... man (or woman) was not meant to meddle with. And many of them live to regret it. Here are 20 mad scientists whose journeys ended in remorse and despair. » 9/24/10 3:42pm 9/24/10 3:42pm

What science fiction and horror flicks are on Hulu these days?

Hulu's scifi and horror pages are chock full of worthwhile movies, even if the selection skews towards the ridiculous and low-budget. Here's the cream of the crop. Apologies to our international readers! » 9/04/10 10:00am 9/04/10 10:00am

Must See: Real Genius

Must-see movies are futuristic classics that shouldn't be missed. Of course, not every must-see is perfect. That's why we've rated them 1-5 on the patented "crunchy goodness" scale. Written by James Rocchi.

Title: Real Genius
Date: 1985

Vitals: Porky's goes dorky in this celebration of nerd culture, as a group of… » 10/01/07 5:32pm 10/01/07 5:32pm