10 TV Shows That Hooked Us In The First 5 Minutes (And How They Did It)

We're just a few days away from the start of the fall TV season in earnest. Tons of new TV shows will be displaying their bright plumage for you. But these days, a TV show has to move fast to hook people. Here are 10 TV shows that won us over in just five minutes — and what they did to grab us. »9/17/14 1:00pm9/17/14 1:00pm

12 Underrated or Overlooked TV Shows to Marathon This Weekend

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This Swedish TV show about an abducted sex robot is creepy as hell [NSFW]

I'm tempted to call it The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo with robots, but Real Humans looks a bit more complicated than that. This TV show, called Äkta människor in Swedish, debuts in ten days, and here's the first trailer. Warning: Quite possibly NSFW, due to female robot nudity. And scenes of female robots being… »1/12/12 5:30pm1/12/12 5:30pm