Webcomic Something Positive tackles real-life superheroes

With real-life superheroes turning up on the six o'clock news and providing fodder for prime-time procedural dramas, we've seen some of the most sensationalized aspects of the real-life superhero movement. This year, the long-running webcomic Something Positive has cast some of its characters as costumed community… » 5/05/12 8:30am 5/05/12 8:30am

Meet Seattle superhero Phoenix Jones' arch-nemesis, the evil dandy Rex…

For all of their well-meaning pageantry, real-life superheroes are still simply civilians in costumes. As the arrest of firearm-wielding Michigan superhero Bee Sting demonstrated, amateur superheroics can attract the vigilante element. » 5/01/12 5:15pm 5/01/12 5:15pm

Real-life superhero arrested for an anti-heroic assault

We've seen people who dress up as costumed heroes do amazing things, like Lenny Robinson, the man who wears a Batman suit to hospitals to cheer up sick kids. And many of the so-called "real-life superheroes" are ordinary people who happen to do their (non-violent) community service in costume as a classic symbol of… » 4/29/12 10:00am 4/29/12 10:00am

Watch the real-life Brazilian Batman take to the streets, inspire…

Remember André Luiz Pinheiro, the fellow who's dressing up as a police-commissioned Batman to provide inspiration to the children of crime-plagued Taubaté, Brazil? The BBC recently did a short feature on his outreach efforts. Wearing the cowl in broad daylight is definitely a throwback to the "Batman digs this day" school … » 3/19/12 6:20am 3/19/12 6:20am

Brazilian police recruit Batman to lower city's crime rate

Unbeknownst to DC Comics, a new sequel to The Dark Knight Returns is unfolding in the Brazilian city of Taubaté. Police have recruited 50-year-old military retiree and local Batman impersonator André Luiz Pinheiro to patrol crime-ridden neighborhoods. » 3/08/12 3:45pm 3/08/12 3:45pm

Phoenix Jones' journalist pal talks about his times with Seattle's most…

Out of all the real-life superheroes patrolling the globe, none have captured the populace's attention quite like Seattle's Phoenix Jones, a twentysomething crime-stopper who brazenly hangs out on drug pushers' turfs and defends the Emerald City's neighborhoods with a maniac optimism. » 11/27/11 8:00am 11/27/11 8:00am

Teenage vigilantes dress like Batman and Flash to nab sex predators

Well, I don't remember Alpha Flight ever going on this adventure. Three teenagers from Chilliwack, British Columbia recently decided it would be a ripping idea to lure would-be pedophiles to public places using fake internet profiles. » 11/16/11 1:20pm 11/16/11 1:20pm

Court bans man from wearing Batman costume as part of his probation

Several months ago, Mark Wayne Williams was arrested in Petoskey, Michigan hanging from a building, wearing a Batman outfit and brandishing a baton, chemical spray, and weighted gloves. » 10/19/11 8:25am 10/19/11 8:25am

Seattle superhero Phoenix Jones unmasks himself, reveals that he has…

After being arrested on Sunday for pepper-spraying a crowd, Seattle costumed defender Phoenix Jones (née Ben Fodor) unmasked himself to local press on Thursday and affirmed his intentions to patrol the streets, despite this Tony Stark-style outing. » 10/15/11 7:30am 10/15/11 7:30am

Real-life superhero Phoenix Jones' secret identity exposed after he…

Seattle's Phoenix Jones has long been the face of the real-life superhero movement, what with his secret headquarters and GQ magazine profile. However, the hero's vigilante tactics have landed him on the wrong side of the law. Phoenix Jones: MAN OR MENACE? » 10/12/11 11:30am 10/12/11 11:30am

Everyone in HBO's Superheroes documentary is going to die

Much as we love Batman, we certainly don't think it's a wise idea to go out into the streets looking for crime to fight. People have guns. They will shoot you in the face. So naturally HBO's latest documentary Superheroes (about real life superhero crime fighters) makes us incredibly uncomfortable. Watch the first… » 8/03/11 12:36pm 8/03/11 12:36pm

A real-life Deadpool is patrolling a small city in Washington state

Real superheroes usually create their own crime-fighting monikers, but one freelance do-gooder in Wenatchee, Washington (a.k.a. "The Apple Capital of the World") has assumed the mantle of Marvel Comics' "Merc With A Mouth," the deranged assassin Deadpool. Malefactors beware. » 5/28/11 11:00am 5/28/11 11:00am

The real-life superheroes of Salt Lake City are charming and/or…

We've seen a few real-life superheroes in recent times, including Seattle's Phoenix Jones and Tennessee's The Viper. Now, an eclectic mix of suburban dads and ex-hoodlums known as the Black Monday Society are patrolling Salt Lake City's crime-strewn thoroughfares. » 5/04/11 8:30am 5/04/11 8:30am