Bruce Campbell May Host a Horror-Themed Reality Series, and Here's Why That's Terrifying

If the idea of another nerdy reality competition TV series fills you with dread... well, that’s kind of what the upcoming series Bruce Campbell’s Horrified is going for. The good news is, obviously, that the impossibly charismatic Bruce Campbell will be involved. The bad news is everything else. »9/10/15 5:20pm9/10/15 5:20pm


Are Reality Shows the Milgram Tests of the Future?

In the famous Milgram Experiment, volunteers were ordered by a person in a lab coat to shock a person to death — and many did it, discovering only afterwards that they'd "shocked" an actor. The same test was repeated for a French documentary in 2010. It got much the same results. But how well will reality TV mimic… »5/19/14 2:20pm5/19/14 2:20pm

The Quest TV Competition Turns Fantasy Into Reality Television

Genre reality TV shows are difficult. Sometimes they can be amazing (Face Off, Jim Henson's Creature Shop), and sometimes they can be not so great (Scream Queens). So we're pretty curious to see what happens with The Quest, the fantasy-inspired competition produced by the folks behind The Amazing Race and The Lord of… »5/14/14 3:49pm5/14/14 3:49pm

TBS invites you to gawk at the geeks in this first unsurprisingly horrible King of the Nerds trailer

Honestly, this trailer for TBS' upcoming nerdsploitation reality game show King of the Nerds is actually somewhat better than I thought it would be. While the camera is obviously recording them at their nerdiest and most socially inept, the contestants actually seem like they could be pretty reasonable people when… »1/14/13 6:00pm1/14/13 6:00pm

Top Model does Steampunk, thinks Steampunk means "Owl"

This week on the reality TV show Top Model the newbie models competing for a chance to stand next to Tyra Banks on television tried to incorporate a little Steampunk into this weeks photo fashion shoot. Apparently the Top Model folks think Steampunk means "clock and owl." Where are the gears, the elaborate external… »10/01/12 4:26pm10/01/12 4:26pm

What if Hermione, Katniss, Michonne and Buffy lived together? Presenting BAMF Girls Club

In this spoof of the truly terrible reality TV show Bad Girls' Club, a group of clever geek comedians ponder what it would be like if these reality TV shows were actually cast with people we wanted to watch fight amongst themselves? So they created the BAMF Girls Club — starring Buffy, Katniss, Hermoine, Lisbeth,… »8/28/12 6:30pm8/28/12 6:30pm

What do you get when you cross a paranormal reality show with a buddy-cop comedy?

Remember when "paranormal reality show" didn't actually exist as a genre on television? And now it's gotten massive — and you can see the genre maturing, as producers find new wrinkles. The latest: The Travel Channel is doing a "buddy cop"-style show called The Dead Files, which pairs a paranormal investigator with an… »8/04/11 2:14pm8/04/11 2:14pm