Kiss Me Underage Deadly In New Captain America Tease

Jailbait psychopaths and government organizations offering secret deals? It can only be the latest ploy from Marvel Comics to make sure that you'll pick up the first issue of Captain America: Reborn. » 7/01/09 1:00pm 7/01/09 1:00pm

Is This The Secret Behind Captain America's Rebirth?

With Captain America: Reborn due in comic stores on Wednesday, we ask: Have Marvel Comics kept the secret to the star-spangled Avenger's resurrection in plain sight all along? We look at our suspecting method of resurrection. Potential-spoilery speculation ahead. » 6/28/09 12:00pm 6/28/09 12:00pm

Is This Really Captain America's Big Reveal?

Today, the 600th issue of Captain America hits stores in an unprecedented early release, to coincide with press breaking about the mysterious Reborn series. As reviews hit the internet, we have to ask: Can it really be this disappointing? Spoilers! » 6/15/09 6:30am 6/15/09 6:30am

What's So Special About Captain America #600?

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Is Captain America Coming Back To Life?

Marvel have just announced their comics coming out in July, including mysterious new series Reborn, written by Captain America writer Ed Brubaker. Does this mean that Steve Rogers is headed back to this mortal coil? » 4/21/09 10:00am 4/21/09 10:00am