The Simple Joy of 100 Pounds of Magnetic Putty

Magnetic putty makes me deeply happy. It slowly deforms under a gentle pull, or snaps when abruptly tugged, while the magnetism will draw it like a creeping monster to devour stray magnets. While a handful of putty is fun, I am utterly enchanted by a monstrous 100-pound blob. » 5/23/14 6:15pm 5/23/14 6:15pm

Serving Man: How to Eat Like a Cannibal This Thanksgiving

It's hard to find fresh turkey during the zombie apocalypse. So why not spice things up by feasting on one of the most bountiful food sources on the planet? Here's everything you need to know to serve man. » 11/25/10 1:30pm 11/25/10 1:30pm