Researchers Devise a Simple Method For Recycling Rare Earth Magnets

You’ve probably heard a bit about rare Earth elements. They’ve got unpronounceable names like ytterbium and praseodymium, and they’re found in nearly ever piece of tech you own. Despite their value, we’re do a piss poor job recycling them. But chemists are now hoping to change that. »6/22/15 1:08am6/22/15 1:08am


Mystery Woman Casually Recycled a $200,000 Vintage Apple-1 Computer

One woman’s trash is literally everyone else’s super-expensive, rare $200,000 piece of computer history. Most of the time, recycled electronics are too crappy to sell on Craigslist. But one California e-recycling center recently received one of the most coveted gadgets ever: A genuine Apple-1 computer. »6/01/15 1:00am6/01/15 1:00am

The man who dreamed up the Keurig K-Cup has some regrets, not just about selling his stake in the po

The man who dreamed up the Keurig K-Cup has some regrets, not just about selling his stake in the popular company for a song, but for the amount of waste the non-recyclable single-serving coffee brewing pods have generated: nine billion pods were sold last year, most of which now languish in landfills. »3/07/15 11:45am3/07/15 11:45am

How to mine for gold in your television set and computer keyboard

Where do your computer, iPhone, and television go when they die? Mostly they end up in dumps. Now, people in North America, India, and Europe are harvesting these trashed electronic parts to recover the precious metals within. Though gold is often what they seek, lead and copper are valuable in large quantities too.… »3/21/12 6:19pm3/21/12 6:19pm

Would you pay $10,000 to turn your plastic into petroleum?

An inventor in Japan is betting that you will. Akinori Ito has made the world's first home plastic recycling contraption. It takes commercial plastics, like bags and bottles, and burns them to generate oil. More work is needed to turn the oil into gasoline for a car, but it can be burned in heating systems or on… »2/18/11 9:30am2/18/11 9:30am