Scientists Use AI To Solve A Long-standing Genetics Mystery

For years, biologists have sought to understand how the genes of planarians, a group of free-living flatworms, direct growth in specific body parts. An artificial intelligence tasked with the problem appears to have cracked the code, a breakthrough that demonstrates the incredible potential for “robot science.” »6/08/15 12:20pm6/08/15 12:20pm


What every Doctor Who regeneration says about each Doctor's era

Tomorrow sees the final bow of the Eleventh Doctor, as Matt Smith regenerates into Peter Capaldi. But "The Time Of The Doctor" figures to be more than just this incarnation's last hurrah – like so many regeneration stories before it, the Christmas special is a chance to define just who this particular Doctor is, once… »12/24/13 4:23pm12/24/13 4:23pm

Could mammal bladders lead to amphibian-like organ regeneration in humans?

A couple of years ago, scientists working at Wake Forest Baptist confirmed that mammalian bladders are capable of a rather unique trick. Unlike other organs, the bladder can completely regenerate itself after experiencing significant tissue loss. In fact, studies on rats showed that a bladder with as much as 75% of… »10/15/12 9:40am10/15/12 9:40am

Zebrafish reveal all the ingredients needed to regenerate a limb

The cool trick about stem cells is that they're super adaptable, and can become any other sort of cell, right? So why not use a mass of stem cells to regenerate a limb? Or grow an extra one? Well, it looks like it's all a bit more complicated than that. According to new research on the self-regenerating Zebrafish,… »5/20/11 1:30pm5/20/11 1:30pm