European Beavers Mate For Life; North American Beavers Prefer Free Love

European beavers mate for life, and remain faithful to their partners. North American beavers? Not so much. What's the reason behind this discrepancy ... and which of the two beaver species has the greater advantage? » 3/01/15 12:50pm 3/01/15 12:50pm

The Secrets Of Keeping Your Relationship Fresh, According To Science

Is there science behind keeping the spark alive in long-term relationships? A psychology researcher from the University of British Columbia says yes ... and she's got tips on how to keep love alive once the initial lust and sparkle dust starts to fade. » 2/14/15 2:35pm 2/14/15 2:35pm

Why It May Not Pay To Steal Someone Else's Partner

A surprising number of relationships are the product of "mate poaching", the ethically dubious practice of stealing someone else's partner. Though common, nearly nothing is known about the quality of the ensuing relationships. New research now suggests they suffer both in the short- and long-term. » 10/30/14 8:10am 10/30/14 8:10am

Adorable BioShock Proposal Asks "Would You Kindly Marry Me?"

Three and a half years ago, Stevie Kopas bought an uneccesary second copy of BioShock from GameStop as an excuse to talk to the guy behind the counter. This weekend that guy gave her a third copy, but what was inside was much better than a video game. » 8/17/14 6:29pm 8/17/14 6:29pm

Stop Pretending You Enjoy Bad Sex

A newly published study on people's perceptions of sexual satisfaction in committed, heterosexual relationships reveals that men and women are both surprisingly good at estimating their partners' contentment (or lack thereof) with their sex life. » 3/13/14 12:00pm 3/13/14 12:00pm

What's the worst 'ship in science fiction and fantasy?

Some genre romances belong to the ages. Others are dead weight. The other day, Futurama tried to turn us all into Fry-Leela shippers at last, with a mixed response. But what's the worst relationship that fans or creators have pushed for? » 9/06/13 2:28pm 9/06/13 2:28pm

How a Women's Libido Pill Could Actually Save Monogamy

Despite the fact that all I want in life is a daemon familiar and a wand and a sarcastic dappled mare who really gets me and violet eyes and a tower, in actuality I'm forever harping on the fact that magic isn't real. There are no magic Spanx that will turn you into Cindy Crawford. There is no magic begoggled top hat… » 5/23/13 5:51pm 5/23/13 5:51pm

Your Dreams Might Be Ruining Your Love Life

We know our dreams aren’t real — and we certainly know that the actions of the people in our dreams can’t be held against them in real life. But a new study suggests we may be doing exactly that, albeit at an unconscious level. » 5/13/13 12:00pm 5/13/13 12:00pm

Science proves that you should un-friend your ex on Facebook

It's a question that many couples face in the aftermath of a breakup: "Do we still stay Facebook friends?" Inevitably, in an attempt to show maturity and poise, many couples choose to remain connected. But now, new research is showing that keeping tabs on your former partner is a big mistake — one that will have a… » 9/20/12 3:14pm 9/20/12 3:14pm

Your preference for beer shows that you're into casual sex — and other…

Online dating sites are not only a boon for people looking to start relationships — they're also proving to be extremely beneficial for people who like to crunch lots of data. Some psychologists and mathematicians are taking the copious amounts of information that you're putting into these sites to get a better sense… » 6/21/12 4:27pm 6/21/12 4:27pm

New study confirms that materialism destroys marriages

The Beatles said "money can't buy me love"; the Notorious B.I.G. said "Mo Money Mo Problems"; and every after-school special taught us that rich and greedy people are miserable in their hollow worlds of shiny trinkets. And now scientists have evidence that they may even have been right. » 10/13/11 1:23pm 10/13/11 1:23pm

Television is Your New Best Friend

A lonely child might invent an imaginary friend, but for adults, reprieve from loneliness comes from a less creative source: television. New studies find that humans are sating their craving for friendship by forming relationships with the people on TV. » 7/28/09 2:00pm 7/28/09 2:00pm

Post-it Comic Reveals the Perils of Catching Lois Lane on the Rebound

You're dating a new girl and things are going great. Then one day she asks you to meet her ex...who just happens to be Superman. Can a mere mortal ever live up to the Boyfriend of Steel? » 7/22/09 2:30pm 7/22/09 2:30pm

Milo Wuvs Hayden, We Saw It Coming

At the Jules Verne Adventure Film Festival last month during the Heroes event, we noticed that Milo Ventimiglia and Hayden Panettiere were canoodling with each other the whole time, whispering back and forth like giddy schoolkids. But, we chalked it up to nerves and confusion about what was going on during the Q&A.… » 1/02/08 10:45am 1/02/08 10:45am

Dating, Dinner, and . . . Dictators

Even though Jaime almost loses a tail because she's yakking with Tom during working hours, the Berkut Group assigns her and Antonio to protect President Rudan of the (faux) African nation of Imara from an assassination threat.
» 11/15/07 6:05am 11/15/07 6:05am