Today's Dance Party Is to This Song Tribute to the Droids of Star Wars

This remix from Eclectic Method is based entirely around the true heroes of the Star Wars universe: the droids. Seriously, though, just try to convince me that Artoo isn't the most badass character in the all six movies. » 1/07/15 3:00am 1/07/15 3:00am

This Final Fantasy VI Wu-Tang Clan Mash-Up Is Weird And Wonderful

If you're wondering what this image is, yes: it's a silhouette of a chocobo with the iconic Wu-Tang "W" cut out. And yes, that can only mean one thing: someone finally mashed up key verses from the Wu-Tang Clan with songs from Final Fantasy VI. The end result is about as whacky as you'd expect. » 10/20/14 5:32pm 10/20/14 5:32pm

This Breaking Bad remix is way catchier than it has any right to be

A followup to the equally catchy remix of Breaking Bad seasons 1 and 2, this newly released mashup from YouTuber placeboing draws on memorable scenes from the show's final three seasons to yield one highly addictive earworm. This should go without saying, but here be spoilers. » 3/01/14 11:50am 3/01/14 11:50am

In Jimi Hendrix's final interview, he calls himself a mad scientist

In this animated version of Jimi Hendrix's lost final interview, he calls himself a mad scientist, talks about the place of fantasy in his music, and expounds on his favorite saying: "When things get too heavy just call me helium, the lightest known gas to man." » 2/05/14 11:20am 2/05/14 11:20am

A head-banging musical remix of the Iron Man films with Black Sabbath

There are spoilers for Iron Man 3 in audiovisual producer Mike Relm's latest remix video, which mashes all three Iron Man movies with Black Sabbath's classic song "Iron Man." But if you've already seen the film (or don't mind a few spoilers), it's mix sure to get your blood pumping. » 5/04/13 9:30am 5/04/13 9:30am

Breaking Bad remix is the perfect soundtrack for your next meth cook

As we get ready to bid farewell to Breaking Bad for now (and so soon!), let's relive some of the glory days of Seasons One and Two by nodding our heads along with this musical mix by YouTuber placeboing. » 9/01/12 4:00pm 9/01/12 4:00pm

Planet of the Apes dance party remix reveals Charlton Heston's disco…

The real reason Charlton Heston came to the Planet of the Apes? To dance. Brad Hasse adds some much-needed glow sticks and turntables to the classic film, converting the humans vs. apes showdown into a dance-off for the fate of the planet, all set to a Benny Benassi medley. But the apes are shocked at the appearance… » 3/17/12 10:30am 3/17/12 10:30am

Gene Wilder picks up the beat in this surprisingly awesome Willy Wonka

What happens when you slow down Gene Wilder's manic Willy Wonka patter and set it to a beat? Parody songwriter SrslySirius takes Wonka's dressing down of Grandpa Joe and Charlie Bucket and transforms it into a catchy remix. [via Neatorama] » 3/11/12 10:30am 3/11/12 10:30am

Star Trek TNG Remix Is Pro Apple Juice And Against Panda Rape

A comedy troupe matched random words with the lip movements of Picard and Number One in Star Trek: The Next Generation, the result is weirdly addictive — and hilarious. You can't miss the aptly titled "Happy in Paraguay." » 12/07/09 2:23pm 12/07/09 2:23pm