How did this game bot score higher than humans on a Turing Test?

Anyone who plays video games knows that game bots, artificially intelligent virtual gamers, can be spotted a mile away on account of their mindless predictability and utter lack of behavioral realism. Looking to change this, 2K Games recently launched the BotPrize competition, a kind of Turing Test for nonplayer… »10/01/12 4:20pm10/01/12 4:20pm

This robotic snake will slither through your body in search of tumors — and destroy them

Engineers from OC Robotics in Bristol, U.K., have taken us one step closer to a Prometheus-style med pod — and one that might be just as creepy. At the recently concluded International Conference on Oncological Engineering, the developers unveiled a prototype medical robot that will soon help surgeons reach deep… »9/24/12 5:40pm9/24/12 5:40pm