Sarah Brightman Flashes Her Holographic Eyes, Belts Out New Repo! Song

The goth-y movie musical Repo! The Genetic Opera » 11/05/08 7:00am 11/05/08 7:00am, set in a sad dystopia where organ harvesting is common practice, has released a new song video-clip out into the world. Powerhouse singer Sarah Brightman haunts the screen as Blind Mag, who sings to her long lost god daughter and spits out holographic pictures from her…

Paris Hilton's "Scalpel-Slut" Drug Addiction Explained

Our favorite dystopian surgery movie, Repo! The Genetic Opera » 10/21/08 4:00pm 10/21/08 4:00pm, has released a feature exposing the "scalpel sluts" of the future — those people who just can't stop hacking into their bodies and faces for new parts. Paris Hilton plays one of the many sluts who just can't get their fill of the surgery drug Zydrate. Her…

Sexy New Repo Pics Show Silk Stockings And Surgery

It's getting closer to the opening date of Repo The Genetic Opera » 10/15/08 8:20am 10/15/08 8:20am, and these beautiful stills of a scantily clad Paris Hilton and Anthony Head (Giles) with his hands literally inside a screaming mans chest are rekindling my interest. I swore that I could love no other scifi musical like I loved , but I'll be damned if

Giles Sings, Dances, Slices Your Borrowed Organs Out

In the future, organ failure is as common as a cold, and the huge company GeneCo has a monopoly on supplying humans with much needed organ replacements. But there's a catch: The minute you miss a payment on your new organ, GeneCo sends someone to cut the organs back out. Anthony Head (Giles from Buffy) plays the… » 6/27/08 8:40am 6/27/08 8:40am

"Repo! The Genetic Opera" is an Epic of After-Market Body Parts

Darren Lynn Bousman's Repo! The Genetic Opera is one of the two organ repossession movies coming out this year, and now it's gone viral with a creepy-looking donation poster (jump below see it) urging you to give until it hurts. This "Warnerian-Rocky Horror-meets-Bladerunner musical" takes place in a future where… » 1/21/08 8:30am 1/21/08 8:30am