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Everything You Knew About Star Trek's Villain May Be Wrong

We're frantically spinning out some spoilers from the floor of Comic-Con, but we still managed to score some good ones. Like a revelation about the Star Trek movie's villain that could change everything. And a new X-Files 2 trailer that shows Mulder and Scully doing something we were told they wouldn't do. Not to… » 7/24/08 6:00am 7/24/08 6:00am

Repo's Angsty Teen Goth Rocks In Her Room, Parents Don't Understand

Here's a glimpse into the family life of Anthony Stewart Head's organ-repossession man, from Repo! The Genetic Opera. He's locked his sad little goth daughter Shiloh, played by Spy Kid Alexa Vega, in her room. So she dons a black wig and pasty white face paint to jerk and dance around in her fantasy rock concert… » 7/08/08 11:17am 7/08/08 11:17am