Stephen Colbert Calls Out "I'm Not a Scientist" Climate-Change Deniers

Stephen Colbert hasn't quite jumped on the very popular "arrest climate-change deniers" bandwagon yet, but he proved last night that he's ready to go as far as "mock climate-change deniers mercilessly." » 11/07/14 5:17pm 11/07/14 5:17pm

As the 2016 presidential campaign ramps up, Republicans and Democrats have different wish lists when it comes to the traits they most want in a candidate. Military service far and away tops the list for Republicans, while a significant share of Democrats would like to see a woman at the top of the ticket. » 5/23/14 12:00pm 5/23/14 12:00pm

How will Tuesday's election results affect the future of science?

Science was rarely mentioned on the campaign trail, so what exactly does the Republican takeover of the House of Representatives mean for science? For environmental science, it looks very bad. But on other issues, there's reason for a little optimism. » 11/05/10 3:35pm 11/05/10 3:35pm

Clinton is the Only Presidential Candidate With a Space Plan

Apparently Hilary Clinton is the only presidential candidate who has taken a public stand on space-related issues. In a terrifically-helpful rundown of candidates' sci/tech policies from Popular Mechanics, Clinton was the only one to comment on the space program. She promised to renew NASA's R&D funding, prep for… » 12/20/07 7:30am 12/20/07 7:30am

Lost is for Right-Wingers

Republican presidential candidates Mitt Romney and John McCain are fans of J. J. Abrams' hit TV show Lost, about a bunch of airplane crash survivors led by a rugged white dude and menaced by semi-supernatural forces ambiguously associated with French people. [SyFy Portal] » 11/30/07 1:15pm 11/30/07 1:15pm