Meet The Man Who's Building Robots For Political Resistance

Right now, we're developing a lot of devices whose sole purpose is to spy or control us. To counter this, an MIT visionary decided to take matters into his own hands by inventing equal and opposite robots to empower people who are being menaced or disempowered by military robotics. » 10/17/14 12:28pm 10/17/14 12:28pm

Nicholas Hope Will Lead Your Teenage Resistance Against The Aliens

Past Farscaper » 10/13/08 7:30am 10/13/08 7:30am Nicholas Hope has been dubbed leader in Andrew Dillon's alien invasion film and TV series, . Aliens try to overcome the Earth and it's up to a small band of super-smart teenage fighters to convince the rest of the world that aliens exist, while dealing with dating, tests, zits and the horror of high…

Two New Chances To Find Out The Grown-Ups Are All Wrong

Can't wait for the movie of City Of Ember to hit theaters in a few months? Dying for a dystopian story about tweens or teens discovering that adults are lying to them about everything? You're in luck! As we mentioned before, young adult novels are full of future dystopias. And two new dystopian YA books are coming out… » 7/24/08 11:29am 7/24/08 11:29am

The Alien Warships That Took San Francisco

These paintings from the PS3 game Resistance: Fall of Man 2 make mayhem and alien invasions look downright gorgeous. We aren't sure if that's meant to be the Golden Gate Bridge in the image above, since the structure of the supports looks somewhat different, but if it is... San Francisco looks like it might take a… » 2/27/08 4:30pm 2/27/08 4:30pm