Did You Forget How Insane The Devil's Advocate Was? 

I am here to testify that if you've only witnessed The Devil's Advocate on TNT, your soul is unclean. Until you have witnessed the holy incestuous orgies and drunk of the sacred monologue spittle of Al Pacino, you will not be saved from the mundaneness of modern-day cinema. Come with me and I will make you a believer. »4/03/15 7:00pm4/03/15 7:00pm


The Australian alien invasion flick Encounter At Raven's Gate is like Signs (but with football hooligans)

Encounter at Raven's Gate — which is alternatively titled Incident At Raven's Gate — is a 1988 small town alien invasion family melodrama directed by Dutch-born Australian filmmaker Rolf de Heer. The film opens in media res with astrophysicist and Miami Vice villain Dr. Hemmings (Terry Camilleri) going driveabout… »10/29/11 3:25pm10/29/11 3:25pm

In Android, Klaus Kinski wants to build a sexbot...in space!

In Aaron Lipstatdt's 1982 science fiction melodrama Android, Klaus Kinski plays brilliant cyberneticist (and snappy dresser) Dr. Daniel. Don Keith Opper is Max 404, Daniel's assistant and longtime android companion. Daniel and Max are the sole occupants of a deep space laboratory where they are conducting illegal… »8/27/11 5:30pm8/27/11 5:30pm

In Dario Argento's psychosexual thriller The Stendhal Syndrome, art is a cruel prison

In Italian director Dario Argento's 1996 horror-thriller The Stendhal Syndrome, his own daughter Asia Argento stars as Anna Manni, a detective investigating a series of brutal sex killings in Rome and Florence. So begins perhaps the most awkward take-your-daughter-to-work day in cinema history. »7/16/11 5:00pm7/16/11 5:00pm

Phase IV, a film about super-smart Communist ants and movie scientist gobbledygook

Phase IV is a 1974 science fiction insect fear film directed by famed title sequence creator Saul Bass and starring Michael Murphy, Nigel Davenport and Lynn Frederick as two scientists and a Breck Girl who become trapped in a desert research station while investigating hyper-intelligent ants. This is well and good,… »2/26/11 4:00pm2/26/11 4:00pm

Looker is the rare cheesy 1980s movie that got the future right

By now, most of us are resigned to the notion that the Future™ is not going to be everything we were promised by science fiction. We will not be getting our flying cars, wise-cracking robot butlers, immortality pills, or pleasure model replicants any time soon. But while we mourn for everything that science fiction… »2/12/11 6:00pm2/12/11 6:00pm