Everything We Know About Star Wars' Post-Return of the Jedi Future

Last week’s “Force Friday” wasn’t just about the release of new Star Wars toys. It also heralded the start of “Journey To The Force Awakens,” a planned series of stories detailing the 30 years between Return of the Jedi and the new film. Here’s everything we know so far about the formative years of Disney’s new Star… »9/09/15 11:00am9/09/15 11:00am

I honestly thought this Return of the Jedi scene was real all my life

I keep getting my dreams shattered. When I was a kid I thought the Rebel Alliance hangar could have been a real stage but it was just one of many matte paintings, an example of ILM's visual sorcery. But the scene of the Emperor coming to the Death Star? I was absolutely, 100-percent convinced that it was real. »1/09/15 1:46pm1/09/15 1:46pm

This Is What David Lynch's Return Of The Jedi Might Have Looked Like

Most people know the story about how George Lucas offered the third Star Wars movie to David Lynch, who turned it down because of Lucas' poor choice of restaurant. Now, a gent named C-SPIT has taken it upon himself to imagine what that movie may have looked like. WARNING: You will have nightmares about Ewoks for weeks. »5/22/14 8:30pm5/22/14 8:30pm

Original Revenge of the Jedi teaser only has one line of dialogue

We just showed you the first trailer for Empire Strikes Back, and now here's the original teaser for Return of the Jedi, made when it still titled Revenge. Despite a great deal of footage, this video only contains a single line of dialogue from the film... but I think you'll agree it's the only line it needs. »10/23/13 4:40pm10/23/13 4:40pm

What Mark Hamill revealed about Star Wars: Episode VII in 1983

While we anxiously await more information about the Star Wars: Episode VII of tomorrow, here's a little nugget about the Episode VII of yesteryear. While being interviewed by Maria Shriver in 1983, Mark Hamill teased a 2004 Star Wars sequel, in which he'd either play an alternate universe version of Luke Skywalker or… »11/03/12 1:30pm11/03/12 1:30pm

Good morning, here is your recommended daily allowance of Ewok terror

Have you ever imagined what would happen if the Ewoks sang The Cranberries? Certainly, such a universal musing is shared by all members of the human race, but Alex Kropinak has actually gone so far as to render this tableau in this blissfully stupid animation. Not going to lie, on my fifth re-watch here. Hat tip to… »9/19/12 9:45am9/19/12 9:45am

What if the Emperor was more monstrous? Check out some insane Return of the Jedi storyboards!

The final confrontation between Luke, Darth Vader and the Emperor could have looked even more intense, going by these storyboards from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. In particular, the Emperor looks sort of like Darth Maul crossed with the Joker, in some of these storyboards by artist David Russell. »4/23/12 7:38pm4/23/12 7:38pm