Vladimir Putin's Batshit Crazy Attempt To Create an Alternate History

Russian president Vladimir Putin is saying that Britain and France are responsible for allowing the Nazis to run roughshod around Europe before the war, while saying there was nothing wrong with the USSR's pact with Hitler. It's a pathetic attempt by Putin to abuse history in a way that asserts his authoritarian rule. »11/07/14 2:40pm11/07/14 2:40pm


Doctored Photographs Can Rewire How the Brain Remembers

People in Rome remember the 2004 anti-war protest as peaceful. But when university students in the United States looked at photographs of the protest later, they called it violent and disturbing. What happened? Was it a cultural gap? No — it was a doctored photograph, much like the ones the New York Times ran of an… »11/20/07 10:00am11/20/07 10:00am