A teen travels to 1776 in her dreams—and never wants to wake up

Beatrice Whaley, protagonist of Lora Innes' webcomic The Dreamer, never cared much for the rich history of her Massachusetts town, until one night when she closed her eyes and found herself in the middle of the American Revolution. Now every time she sleeps, she's caught up in the drama, romance, and terror of men… »5/11/13 11:30am5/11/13 11:30am

British used bioweapon in US War of Independence

A document has just gone on display at Mount Vernon, Virginia - the museum in the former home of George Washington, first US President. It is an order dated 1777 and signed by Washington himself to send troops that had not been vaccinated for smallpox - or survived it - to Philadelphia to be vaccinated. These troops… »8/21/11 10:30am8/21/11 10:30am