Crowdfund an energy-harnessing soccer ball and a series based on the fantasy short The Reward

We went gaga for the short fantasy buddy film The Reward, and now the creators are looking to turn it into a full series, with a little crowdfunding help. You can also help fund a soccer ball generator that's helping bring light to people in resource-poor regions, and a fantasy adventure comic about adventurers… »3/10/13 3:00pm3/10/13 3:00pm

This wordless, richly animated short fantasy adventure film is nine minutes of pure, unadulterated joy

Drop everything you're doing and hit play on The Reward, a graduation film from Denmark's The Animation Workshop. This fantasy film about a pair of wannabe adventurers who stumble upon a treasure map plays with a mishmash of animation styles (including a few shades of Adventure Time contrasted against rich light… »1/27/13 1:00pm1/27/13 1:00pm