The Best Way To Transport A Rhino? Upside Down, Tied to a Helicopter

Animals often have to be relocated by conservation organizations. Sometimes it's to move them to safety, farther away from poachers, and sometimes it's to introduce new genes into a population. NatGeo photographer Emma Gatland joined a group from Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife for a white rhino relocation effort in Kwa Zulu… »5/14/14 5:53pm5/14/14 5:53pm

First (fuzzy) look at Amazing Spider-Man's Rhino and Green Goblin

I have no idea why Las Vegas' Red Rock Casino had this Amazing Spider-Man 2 poster up, but these (fuzzy, awkwardly angled) photos contain our first looks at two of the seemingly millions of bad guys in the movie. It's after the jump, in case you consider it a spoiler (or would prefer to wait for better pics). »11/29/13 11:20am11/29/13 11:20am

In South Africa, rhinos could soon become agents of chemical warfare

Got a hankering for some rhinoceros horn? Practitioners of traditional Asian medicine believe that ground rhino horns, when ingested, can help cure diseases like cancer. Unfortunately for patients consuming rhino horns, they could just as well be chewing on their fingernails. Unfortunately for the rhinos, the… »9/08/11 8:00pm9/08/11 8:00pm