How does the rhino beetle's gigantic horn not totally mess with its ability to fly?

Seriously, look at the size of the thing sticking out of that beetle's head, and that's not even the maximum size those things grow to. All male rhino beetles have these giant horns growing out of their heads as a way of showing off their sexual prowess to any female rhino beetles that might be around. Crazy, unwieldy… »3/17/13 7:00pm3/17/13 7:00pm


Size truly matters when it comes to the rhino beetle and its massive horn

When animals want to prove their reproductive fitness, they engage in some pretty fancy ornamental displays (things like peacock feathers and deer antlers). Few organisms pull this off as well as the male Japanese rhino beetle, however — an insect with a disproportionately massive horn on its head. And new research… »7/30/12 7:40pm7/30/12 7:40pm