We Can Rebuild the Northern White Rhino—We Have the Technology

There’s endangered, and then there’s critically endangered, and then there’s the northern white rhino. There are just four—four!—northern white rhinos left on earth. The population has been cut nearly in half—from seven to four—in just the last 12 months. Even using the word “endangered” to describe their predicament… »11/13/15 10:45am11/13/15 10:45am


Largest-Ever Rhino Airlift Recently Released First 10 Rhinos In Botswana

Beverly Joubert and her husband Dereck are spearheading a relocation project, called Rhinos Without Borders, that aims to move 100 rhinos from poaching hotspots in South Africa to safer parks in Botswana. It’s the largest rhino airlift ever attempted, and the first ten transportees have been successfully released. »5/15/15 6:00pm5/15/15 6:00pm