The villain of Spider-Man reboot revealed?

Rhys Ifans will be playing Curt Connors, the scientist who becomes the Lizard, in the new Spider-Man movie reboot, according to The Wrap. Not clear if the Lizard is the only villain in the movie, but the unnamed source does say that Venom won't be in the film at all. Here's hoping there's only one villain and Ifans… » 10/13/10 4:28pm 10/13/10 4:28pm

Rhys Ifans cast as Spider-Man villain, but which one?

Rhys Ifans (the naked Brit in Notting Hill) has been cast in the Spider-Man reboot, as the villain. But Columbia won't say what villain, so now it's your turn. Who do you think they've cast this scraggly dude as? [TheWrap] » 10/11/10 11:16am 10/11/10 11:16am

Syfy readies a 4-hour Peter Pan origins tale, Neverland

Syfy is bringing you the backstory to Peter Pan in a four-hour miniseries called Neverland. We're not so sure how to feel about this one. We like who's involved, but the last few Syfy miniseries have been Riverworld-level bad. » 9/03/10 12:30pm 9/03/10 12:30pm