J.J. Abrams Promises Star Wars: The Force Awakens Is "Delightful" and Explains How He's Passing the Torch

If you were given only one word to describe your feeling after watching the original Star Wars trilogy, “Delightful” is a good one. That’s also the word J.J. Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan focused on when writing Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which seems like a good sign.
»11/09/15 12:00pm11/09/15 12:00pm


10 Ways To Turn Your Real Life Experiences Into Science Fiction

Unless you've commanded a starship, fought off an alien invasion or survived a global disaster, your life experiences probably aren't too science-fictional. But still, the most powerful stories are often rooted in things that actually happened. Here are 10 tricks for turning your personal true stories into science… »12/18/14 1:08pm12/18/14 1:08pm

Looper's Rian Johnson Is The Director Of Star Wars: Episode VIII

He will also reportedly be the scriptwriter of Episode IX, but not the director. Man, not only is Disney is getting their Star Wars biz together quickly, they're hiring some real scifi talent with Johnson, Gareth Edwards and Josh Trank. It's getting immensely difficult not be excited about the future of Star Wars. »6/20/14 2:59pm6/20/14 2:59pm

Major Hints About Iron Man 3, Jurassic Park 4, Ninja Turtles and Doctor Who!

There's another report out about how Benedict Cumberbatch's villain in Star Trek Into Darkness isn't who you think it is... and by that, I mean he's exactly who you think he is. Guillermo del Toro dreams of Pacific Rim's robots taking on Godzilla. Looper's Rian Johnson is going cyberpunk. Aaron Eckhart discusses his… »4/05/13 9:00am4/05/13 9:00am

Director Jason Reitman explains why Looper absolutely deserves an Oscar

You've probably heard that Looper was a pretty good movie. You know who agrees with you? Jason Reitman, director of Juno, Up in the Air, Young Adult, and the son of Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman. Jason took time out of his day to pen a lengthy essay for Entertainment Weekly why Looper is not only one of the… »12/21/12 2:40pm12/21/12 2:40pm

Did China's ban on time travel make Looper a bigger hit there?

One of the reasons Looper has turned out to be such a profitable film: It's one of the year's most successful films in China, where some scenes were shot and a longer version opened in theaters. Now, one observer suggests there could be a surprising reason for Looper's success. Chinese audiences, writes Zhang Zihan in… »10/16/12 7:03pm10/16/12 7:03pm

Looper Director Rian Johnson is live on io9, and taking your questions!

We've got Looper's Rian Johnson live and on io9 taking your questions. Ask him absolutely anything you want about time travel, paradoxes or the difficulties of transforming Bruce Willis' sour face into Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Rian will be online for one hour, and one hour only — so make with the questioning (spoilers… »10/08/12 3:36pm10/08/12 3:36pm

The Insane Things Joseph Gordon-Levitt Did to Become Bruce Willis in Looper

You've already seen how Joseph Gordon-Levitt's face was altered to make him look more like a younger version of Bruce Willis for the time travel movie Looper. But that's just the most visible part of the process that Gordon-Levitt went through to transform himself into Willis. When we sat down with Gordon-Levitt and… »9/19/12 5:39pm9/19/12 5:39pm

New Looper trailer shows off the gadgets in Joseph Gordon-Levitt's futuristic gangland

This brand new international trailer for Looper shows off the fabulous future life of a Looper. Clubs, drinks, dancing and hover bikes. In Rian Johnson's time twisty gangster movie, future mobsters send victims back in time to let the Loopers execute and dispose of the body. This is the first real look we're getting… »8/14/12 2:57pm8/14/12 2:57pm