Stop Future Plagues By Mutating Viruses To Death

The next time a viral infection starts spreading zombie-like madness across England (or wherever), we might put a halt to the plague before the sequel ever gets made. Our secret weapon will be a designer drug created by plugging some numbers into a mathematical formula. Rice University researchers have developed just… »11/11/08 11:20am11/11/08 11:20am

BioBeer Fights Cancer and Gets You Drunk, Not Necessarily In That Order

Click to view »10/17/08 1:40pm10/17/08 1:40pm A team of students from Houston's Rice University are a virtual lock for a Nobel Prize with their latest research. They've bioengineered a beer that has anticancer properties. Each sip of their new brew contains resveratrol, the chemical found in wine and believed to be responsible for reduced cancer…