I Origins Shows That The Science Vs. Spirituality Debate Is Played Out

Writer-director Mike Cahill made an impression with Another Earth, which used a science-fiction premise as the backdrop for a personal story. In his second feature, I Origins, the science-fictional premise is front and center — and you can see the downside of trying to tell a personal story about huge science-fiction… »7/18/14 5:30pm7/18/14 5:30pm

Is Science Fiction Really A Religion-Free Zone? Two More Points Of View

The debate over religion's place in science fiction still rages on the Internet, and two new blog posts take very different stances on the matter. Over at, Teresa Jusino posts that good science fiction acknowledges the place of religion in our lives, and even accepts that people of faith could have valid… »1/07/10 3:58pm1/07/10 3:58pm

The Coming War Between Religion And Super-Science

The 21st century may well see a final showdown between scientific rationalists and religious fundamentalists. We'll see more and more conflicts — like Dawkins vs. creationists, or Bush vs. stem cells — as scientists discover more facts that challenge religious beliefs. But I've been racking my brains to think of… »4/09/08 12:45pm4/09/08 12:45pm