How Not to Die On the World's Tallest Waterslide (By Someone Who Lived)

The world's tallest waterslide, located in Schiltterbahn's Kansas City waterpark, opened to the public this Thursday. I had the honor/horror of being part of that public. This is my story. » 7/12/14 1:05pm 7/12/14 1:05pm

Universal's New Harry Potter Gringotts Ride Looks Amazing

Universal has been rapidly expanding the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and can now reveal the excellent new ride, Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts. Behold this massive undertaking, complete with gigantic guard dragon. » 5/14/14 7:40am 5/14/14 7:40am

Is Disney's Space Mountain comic a primer for their next franchise?

Disney is rolling out their very first graphic novel, titled and inspired by the beloved Tomorrowland ride Space Mountain. Penned by Bryan Q. Miller and drawn by Kelley Jones, take a look at the very first images of the "real-life" Space Mountain. Which, honestly, is nothing like we expected. » 8/07/13 9:40am 8/07/13 9:40am

Can you spot every detail in this Simpsons theme park concept art?

Universal Studios has revealed their concept art for a real life Simpson's theme park. And this tiny Springfield includes Moe's, Krusty Burger, Duff Beer, Lard Lad Donuts and a Kwik-E-Mart. Fantastic. » 5/24/13 1:30pm 5/24/13 1:30pm

Breaking: 12 riders stuck at the top of Six Flags' Superman roller…

The Bay Area's ABC 7 just reported that several riders are stuck at the top of the new Superman ride at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, California. The riders are suspended 150-ft in the air, but thankfully, California Beat is tweeting that fire fighters are currently rescuing the riders one by one. We're… » 7/29/12 4:05pm 7/29/12 4:05pm

Netherlands amusement park unveils €30 million steampunk dragon show

Massive theme park Efteling has unveiled their latest fantasy creation: the medieval town of Ravelijn and its giant steampunk dragon beast. It's like a Game Of Thrones theme park, only without the orgies. We've got a gallery. » 5/23/11 2:39pm 5/23/11 2:39pm

Admiral Ackbar makes light of the massacre of Alderaan in Star Tours…

Today Disneyworld unveils the newly revamped Star Tours ride, and we've got a behind the scenes look at the brand new tour which includes over 52 different possible simulations! » 5/20/11 11:30am 5/20/11 11:30am

Six Flags' new Green Lantern roller coaster: the blackest vomit

Six Flags has two new superhero roller coasters. Watch the video of the Superman: Escape From Krypton ride and the new Green Lantern coaster, which looks like a surefire vomit-making machine. See them both in action! » 10/22/10 12:33pm 10/22/10 12:33pm

Disney debuts its Star Tours 2 video of death

Star Wars Celebration V is underway and already news is pouring out. Disney has released the brand new Star Tours video, that wants you to visit the beautiful death-trap Alderaan. Check out what the upgraded Disney ride holds for you. » 8/13/10 10:48am 8/13/10 10:48am

Indiana Jones' Disneyland ride becomes a digital diorama using Left 4…

A modder has painstakingly recreated Disneyland's Indiana Jones: Temple of the Forbidden Eye ride using Valve's undead shooter videogame Left 4 Dead. It's extremely cool, but sadly there are no zombies to be bullwhipped. » 7/04/10 2:19pm 7/04/10 2:19pm

20 minute sneak peek at Harry Potter's real-world theme park

Haven't made it down Florida to see The Wizarding World of Harry Potter for yourself? Then check out this very detailed video peek at the new park, stuffed with concept art, pictures and cast interviews. » 6/08/10 8:00am 6/08/10 8:00am

Tron Legacy Could Launch A New Trilogy, TV Show And A Brand New…

If the Tron sequel fills Disney's digital pockets with cash, we may see plenty more lightcycle races and disk fights, on our TVs and in the Disney theme parks. Along with two more Tron flicks, making it a Tron Trilogy. » 3/03/10 3:30pm 3/03/10 3:30pm

6 Fantastical Theme Park Rides Lost To History

This week, Michael Jackson's Captain EO staged an unlikely comeback and reopened at Disneyland. Here are six sadly defunct science fiction fairground rides that you can still visit, thanks to the magic of YouTube. » 2/25/10 6:30am 2/25/10 6:30am

Superheroic Attractions From Marvel's Dubai Theme Park

In 2007, Marvel Entertainment announced its plans to open a theme park in Dubai. Now concept designs from the project have emerged, revealing lots of Spider-Man-themed thrills, a rocket-powered Stark Labs, and a city filled with Superheroes. » 12/01/09 1:20pm 12/01/09 1:20pm

Disney's Star Tours Gets A Reboot And Fett

The Star Wars Disney ride, which opened way back in 1987, is getting a tune up, including a whole host of new characters. Lucasfilm has been recording new footage for the ride that features, the Star Tours vehicle getting chased down by Boba Fett. C-3PO and R2-D2 will continue to host the ride, and will be joined by… » 5/07/09 9:30am 5/07/09 9:30am

Bayhem Will Ensue On The Universal Studios Transformers 3D Ride

Why should fancy pants Hollywood actor Shia LaBeouf have all the fun? Now you too can ride next to the shoulders of the mega-robots on Universal Studios' new Transformers » 10/21/08 7:30am 10/21/08 7:30am ride. Teaming up with Hasbro, Dreamworks, and Michael Bay, Universal has created a 3D monster. I'm sure if Bay is involved we'll be getting metal…