You Can't Appreciate These Movies Fully Without A Great Sound System

Science fiction movies are known for their amazing visuals, from majestic spaceships to desolate landscapes. But many of the best science fiction films use sound just as much as picture to tell their stories. Here are 22 films that you'll appreciate way more if you have a great speaker system to go with that widescreen … » 3/17/14 1:24pm 3/17/14 1:24pm

Ridley Scott throws a giant stuffed Tiger at Russell Crowe

This behind-the-scenes photo from Gladiator reveals the giant fake tiger director Ridley Scott threw at actor Russell Crowe. Which looks like it was purchased from Toys R' Us. In other news, Scott cancelled his plans for a series of scifi shorts with Machinima. Which is a shame. Image via Univseral Pictures. » 11/22/13 12:42pm 11/22/13 12:42pm

Harrison Ford is "chatting" with Ridley Scott about Blade Runner 2

During promotion for Ender's Game in the U.K., Harrison Ford told IGN that 1) he's "chatted" with director Ridley Scott about a follow-up to the 1981 scifi classic Blade Runner and 2) he would be willing to return to the role. This is probably a bad thing. » 10/09/13 11:20am 10/09/13 11:20am

Idris Elba did that “Cancelling the Apocalypse” speech a million times

If you've seen the trailers for Pacific Rim, then you already know that Idris Elba plays an inspirational leader. But he's also the movie's emotional core. We talked to Elba about the cost of fighting monsters, and just why he always ends up playing the only level-headed person in films like Pacific Rim and Prometheus. » 7/10/13 9:20am 7/10/13 9:20am

Ridley Scott aims to fill AMC with high-concept television

You've already heard of the snow Thing-esque drama, The Terror, that Ridley Scott is producing with Scott Free TV for AMC, but now his other secret projects are being revealed. Including one project set in the future, and another that will "bend the arc of history," whatever that means. » 5/01/13 3:44pm 5/01/13 3:44pm

Damon Lindelof promises he didn't screw over Prometheus 2

Yesterday a rumor was circulating that Fox was "freaking out" because Damon Lindelof left them high and dry after Prometheus. Claiming that Lindelof's exit from the project after a flood of bad reviews has left possibilities of a sequel or the promised trilogy in the wind. But now Lindelof has responded to the rumors,… » 3/28/13 8:50am 3/28/13 8:50am

Is the Prometheus sequel stalled out just because nobody knows how to…

Prometheus made more than $400 million worldwide (although it underperformed stateside) — so a sequel seems like a safe bet. Except, according to one report, there's no forward movement on a sequel, because nobody can figure out what happens next after the first movie's somewhat baffling ending. » 3/27/13 12:50pm 3/27/13 12:50pm

Meet the three Blade Runner producers who hated Blade Runner

If you ever needed proof that Hollywood studio executives have no idea how to make good movies, please, look no further these screening notes from a pre-release viewing of Ridley Scott's Blade Runner. Because these professional movie producers absolutely hated the film, which is now acknowledged as not just as a scifi… » 3/14/13 12:00pm 3/14/13 12:00pm

Unused storyboards show how Alien could have been more "pornographic"

While pitching his beautiful Alien horror show to 20th Century Fox, director Ridley Scott scribbled up a collection of pre-production storyboards (known to the die-hard fans as Ridleygrams). These illustrations impressed the execs so much they would not only approve the movie but double the budget from $4.5 million to … » 2/20/13 1:44pm 2/20/13 1:44pm

AMC is making an arctic-explorers-vs.-monster show that is somehow not …

Enjoying the ratings gold machine that is The Walking Dead, AMC has decided to try another monstrous TV series, this time based on Dan Simmons' 2007 novel The Terror. Simmons, best known for his scifi novels including Hyperion, wrote the horror novel about an actual Royal Navel expedition which attempted to find the… » 2/14/13 9:20am 2/14/13 9:20am