The 10 Most Absurdly Bloody Fight Scenes In Science Fiction Movies

Science fiction movies aren't all about highfalutin spacefaring and benevolent starmen. No, sometimes they're about putting a mutated martial arts master into a dystopian penitentiary's comically unsafe meat grinder. Just in time for the lunch rush, here are ten of our favorite scenes that balance goofiness and gore. » 8/29/12 10:10am 8/29/12 10:10am

Could this be the most bloody martial arts movie of all time?

Chances are, you've already seen snippets of 1991's Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky, and they may well be etched indelibly on your inner eye. The most devastating fist-bump in history. The famous "man strangling someone with his own intestines" scene. » 5/11/11 5:30pm 5/11/11 5:30pm