Can you guess the subject of this photograph?

If you said "blood vessels" or "bronchi" you'd be wrong, but those would both be very good guesses. There's a reason this false-colour image of the Mississippi Delta — photographed by Japan's Advanced Land Observing Satellite — bears such a striking resemblance to ramifying vasculature; as Unpopular Science explains,… » 1/04/13 1:43pm 1/04/13 1:43pm

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Watch some clips from Daenerys's journey in Game of Thrones season 2!

There's still a lot we don't know about Daniel Craig's third James Bond movie, but we do know Javier Bardem is involved, possibly as the villain. And if new set photos are anything to go by, he's not above wearing disguises. » 3/12/12 6:00am 3/12/12 6:00am

All the Latest News on Iron Man 3, Bill & Ted 3, and Walking Dead!

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Grief is a strange fitful dream, in Awake

Last night, something really special premiered on NBC — Awake, a new show about a man trapped between two alternate realities. But really, Awake is about the power of dreams, and the ways in which grief can feel like a dream you can't wake up from. » 3/02/12 3:59pm 3/02/12 3:59pm

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Can you guess the subject of this photograph?

This beautiful image [hi-res available here] was recently recognized by National Geographic as one of the best photographs of 2011. Two of the magazine's photo editors appreciated it for its cryptic quality. Is the subject of this photograph a sprouting fungus? A microscopic photo of a leaf? A snowy landscape? » 2/08/12 11:40am 2/08/12 11:40am