This Awesome Timelapse Takes You Thru the Best Breaking Bad Locations

Not ready to let go of Breaking Bad? You don’t have to with this insanely cool timelapse pilgrimage to the show’s most iconic filming locations. Our resident photographer (and die-hard Walter White fan) wasn’t ready to say goodbye. So he hopped in his van and drove 1,365 miles from Vancouver to Albuquerque. »10/21/13 7:18pm10/21/13 7:18pm

Next Weekend This Abandoned Wizard of Oz Theme Park Will Open

October 5th marks the 20th anniversary of a little-known festival that takes place at North Carolina's abandoned Land of Oz theme park. The derelict park opens its doors to the public just once a year for "Autumn at Oz," where former employees and past visitors reminisce about this weird little amusement park. »9/29/13 1:28pm9/29/13 1:28pm

Enjoy a Rare Visit to Friday 13th's Real-Life Camp Crystal Lake

Today's date has been frightening the superstitious since the 19th century, but it wasn't until 1980 when a bloody knife and a quaint New Jersey campground carved Friday the 13th into American pop culture forever. Now, for the second time ever, you can not only visit the iconic setting.. but own part of it. »9/13/13 2:27pm9/13/13 2:27pm

Visit a real-life Island of Dr. Pittsburgh

At the Center For PostNatural History in Pittsburgh mad scientists have curated a collection of bizarre curiosities, straight out of The Island of Dr. Moreau. The oddities include a genetically-engineered goat that produces a spider-silk milk protein stronger than Kevlar. The technology has already been patented by… »8/10/13 3:27pm8/10/13 3:27pm

Prepare to be Anal Probed Along America's Extraterrestrial Highway

Astrophysicist (and massive sex symbol) Neil Degrasse Tyson recently questioned whether human beings were too stupid for aliens to contact. While he may have a point, if Neil's interested in finding intelligent life on Earth, he should road trip down the Extraterrestrial Highway, it's loaded with tiny gray men. »7/23/13 11:20am7/23/13 11:20am