Bill Heder Will Be a Big Bad Giant in The BFG

Praise be to the casting gods, because Bill Heder in a Roald Dahl film is perfection. If this was going to be an animated film, we'd say to just have all the non-BFG giants voiced by him. » 3/30/15 12:30am Yesterday 12:30am

Read Roald Dahl's Powerful Pro-Vaccination Letter (From 1988)

Roald Dahl – author of such books as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach, and Matilda – lost his eldest daughter, Olivia, to measles in 1962. Twenty-six years later, he penned a cogent and gut-wrenching plea to parents, urging them have their children vaccinated against the disease. » 1/31/15 2:00pm 1/31/15 2:00pm

Read A Lost Chapter From Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

"The Vanilla Fudge Room" appeared as the fifth chapter in early drafts of Roald Dahl's beloved novel, but was "deemed too wild, subversive and insufficiently moral" for publication. Now, to celebrate the book's 50th anniversary, the lost chapter can be read in its entirety over at The Guardian. » 8/31/14 7:43am 8/31/14 7:43am

New Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Cover Is Horrifying

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Penguin decided to create a new cover for the Roald Dahl work. What resulted was both confusing and terrifying. Run, kids, run. » 8/07/14 2:20pm 8/07/14 2:20pm

Steven Spielberg To Direct Roald Dahl's The BFG

Well, this is sensational news. Steven Spielberg may return to genre dramas with the writer from E.T. Even better, he'll be adapting the Roald Dahl book The BFG. » 4/28/14 7:40am 4/28/14 7:40am

Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors Who Served in the Military, and How…

So much of science fiction's core topics intersect with war, one way or the other. Rapid social change and technological innovation both get supercharged during wartime, and some of our greatest explorers are also warriors. So it's not surprising that many of science fiction's most well-known authors served in the… » 1/30/13 1:15pm 1/30/13 1:15pm

Guillermo del Toro explains the biggest mistake people make in telling…

Guillermo del Toro has directed some of the coolest movies of the past decade or so, including Pan's Labyrinth and Hellboy, plus the upcoming monster/robot smackdown Pacific Rim. But he's also gotten into producing animated films for kids, including Kung-Fu Panda and the upcoming Rise of the Guardians. » 11/19/12 1:23pm 11/19/12 1:23pm

Read an unfinished Roald Dahl story — and write the ending for yourself

An never-finished story by Roald Dahl, the master of haunting fiction, has turned up, and you could own the original manuscript. Plus the project he wrote it for, a finish-it-yourself story collection featuring Madeleine L'Engle, could still come out. » 12/14/10 7:00am 12/14/10 7:00am

The 6 Types Of Brains In Jars

When you're a brain in a tank, you've got a lot of time to think about stuff. And one of the things you ponder is: how many kinds of disembodied brains does science fiction have? The answer: six! » 10/16/09 3:33pm 10/16/09 3:33pm

6 Clips from "Fantastic Mr. Fox" Pit Badger Bill Murray Against Foxy…

It's about time Wes Anderson put his whimsical outlook on the world into animation. It fits like an awkward yellow-hued glove. Check out these clip of Anderson's usual suspects — Owen Wilson, Bill Murray and Jason Schwartzman — going furry. » 10/15/09 11:46am 10/15/09 11:46am

Guillermo Del Toro Dances With Roald Dahl's Witches

Now, here's an idea that will give me nightmares for years: Guillermo Del Toro is going to direct the stop-motion feature adaptation of Roald Dahl's fantastic novel The Witches, where a small boy gets trapped in a hotel while the annual convention of witches is taking place. » 12/01/08 4:27pm 12/01/08 4:27pm