Supercut: Every single maniacal laugh from Once Upon A Time's

The very best part of our weekly viewing of fairy tale moppet theater, aka Once Upon A Time, has to be Robert Carlyle's Rumpelstiltskin and his insane giggle fits. Here's our video compilation of every single Rumple snark, snort, giggle, smirk and crazed laugh, for your amusement. » 2/22/12 1:38pm 2/22/12 1:38pm

What's Michael Shanks Doing Back On Stargate?

We've got two excellent clips from tomorrow's Stargate Universe, both heavy on the Daniel Jackson. There's also a wonderful explanation of the interface chair, including clips from Jack O'Neill's run-ins in past Stargates. So who's getting in the chair? Spoilers... » 4/22/10 10:30am 4/22/10 10:30am

Carlyle Reveals Why This Is The Darkest Stargate

Stargate Universe's scientist, the talented Robert Carlyle, explains how some deadly decisions help to make SGU the darkest Stargate of them all. Plus, find out who'll be filling our crucial Gate-banter void. Spoilers ahead! » 3/17/09 7:00am 3/17/09 7:00am

Bet On Who The New Doctor Will Be

David Tennant hasn't definitively said whether he's going to stay in the Tardis beyond the guest-startastic end of this season's Doctor Who, but a little thing like reality isn't enough to stop the UK's bookies. They've starting giving odds on who's most likely to replace him. And, if you're a betting person, you… » 6/23/08 10:20am 6/23/08 10:20am

Is The End Near For David Tennant On Doctor Who?

Rumors keep popping up about the BBC's time-travel show Doctor Who, including persistent reports that David Tennant will definitely leave the show before or during 2009's three TV movies, and a replacement has been named. (The show's fifth season doesn't air until 2010.) And now some drastic reports have popped up… » 3/05/08 6:30am 3/05/08 6:30am

New York City Destroyed. London, You're Next!

New York City has been hammered on by both I Am Legend and Cloverfield, as well as a slew of other films. It's been flooded, frozen, ravaged by viruses, and pummeled by monsters. But London has gotten off rather lightly, having merely been hit by one supervirus in 28 Days Later and the sometimes wonky special effects… » 1/18/08 12:10pm 1/18/08 12:10pm