Robert Downey Jr. literally owns the Avengers' Emblem

Actors taking home items from the movies and TV shows they work on is a very common practice - but it's normally just a piece of costuming or a small prop. Robert Downey Jr however, doesn't tend to do things the usual way though, and his memorabilia from The Avengers was a little bit bigger than that. »10/19/14 12:57pm10/19/14 12:57pm

Robert Downey Jr.'s In Captain America 3. And It's to Start Civil War

We may finally know what Robert Downey Jr. was talking about when he said that there he was working on a deal with Marvel to do something that wasn't Iron Man 4. According to Variety, Downey's in the final stages of negotiations that'll bring Tony Stark in to Captain America 3 and begin the movies' take on Civil War. »10/14/14 12:00am10/14/14 12:00am

Robert Downey Jr. refuted his earlier Iron Man 4 comment on The Late Show: "There's no plans fo

Robert Downey Jr. refuted his earlier Iron Man 4 comment on The Late Show: "There's no plans for an 'Iron Man 4.' There's no script for 'Iron Man 4,' but they do have a plan and I think they're gonna announce it. You know, [Marvel's] very secretive about it ... but I'm gonna do other stuff with Marvel." [Coming Soon] »10/08/14 7:30am10/08/14 7:30am

Reality Check: You can't easily replace Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark

Now that Iron Man 3 has made pretty much all the money in the world, there's reportedly a contract dispute brewing between star Robert Downey Jr. and Marvel, over whether he'll be back for Avengers 2 and 3, and possibly Iron Man 4 as well. Is Downey Jr. overpaid? We don't know. But we do know he's nearly irreplaceable. »5/08/13 2:12pm5/08/13 2:12pm

Did you know that Iron Man 3 takes place partly in China?

Last year, Rian Johnson's time-travel epic Looper had two versions — the U.S. cut, with a brief montage of Joseph Gordon-Levitt's time in China, and the Chinese cut, with a much longer Shanghai sequence. Now, Iron Man 3 takes this trend much, much further, as we move towards a future where China is increasingly… »5/01/13 2:20pm5/01/13 2:20pm