Guess Who's Showing Up In The End Of Iron Man 2?

At the end of Iron Man, Samuel L. Jackson made his splashy debut after the credits, as the big-screen Nick Fury. With Iron Man 2, you'd better stick around until the end as well. And there's a splashy new featurette! » 4/15/10 7:00am 4/15/10 7:00am

Brand New Iron Man 2 Trailer Shows Off Tony's Travel Armor

The latest trailer for Iron Man 2 is out, and it doesn't disappoint. Watch Tony Stark roll out his new on-the-go armor. Plus new Nick Fury scenes, more War Machine, and Sam Rockwell wining and dining Whiplash. » 3/07/10 10:47pm 3/07/10 10:47pm

Spoiler Filled Stills From Iron Man 2: What's Happening To Tony?

Last night the first ever trailer for Iron Man 2 was released, and it is jam-packed with spoilery goodies. Here's a shot-by-shot break down of what we noticed. » 12/17/09 8:00am 12/17/09 8:00am