The SciFi Story Robert H. Goddard Published 100 Years Ago

In 1904, while Robert H. Goddard was a student at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts, his professor of creative writing asked his class to write a theme on the subject of what travel might be like in 1950. Goddard imagined what it might be like to travel in a mag lev train that shot at high speed… » 6/07/14 9:30am 6/07/14 9:30am

Robert Goddard's Secret Plan for the Future of Humankind in Space

On January 14, 1918—six years before he began the world's first experiments with liquid fuel rockets—Robert H. Goddard wrote an essay called "The Ultimate Migration." He asked a friend to keep it in his safe, hidden in a sealed envelope labeled "Outline of Certain Notes on High-Altitude Research." » 1/01/14 4:00pm 1/01/14 4:00pm

The greatest newspaper correction ever written (49 years too late)

In 1920, rocket scientist Robert Goddard wrote up an article postulating how we could use rocket fuel to launch a ship into space — perhaps even all the way to the moon. His ideas did not meet with a warm reception in the media, where he was roundly mocked. 49 years later, Apollo 11 took-off to the moon, triggering … » 12/30/13 4:30pm 12/30/13 4:30pm