How Robert Heinlein Went from Socialist to Right-Wing Libertarian

The second massive volume in William Patterson's fannish biography of classic science fiction author Robert Heinlein has just come out, and it explores — in part — the writer's strange political transformation. It all started, and ended, with free love. » 6/09/14 4:26pm 6/09/14 4:26pm

The 10 Least Competent Time Travelers

Time travel is a tricky subject. Questions of causality, the butterfly effect, what happens when timelines differ — all these can be extremely confusing, which might explain why there are so many shitty time travelers out there. In movies, TV shows, books, whatever, there are plenty of jerks who obliviously wreak… » 3/05/13 10:00am 3/05/13 10:00am

10 Science Fiction Novels That Will Definitely Never Be Movies

So they actually did it: They turned the sprawling, insane Cloud Atlas into a movie, one that actually makes the book look straightforward and uncontroversial. It just goes to show, no matter how unconventional or sprawling a book is, there's a way to adapt that sucker into a movie. Except sometimes, no. » 10/30/12 10:00am 10/30/12 10:00am

Science Fiction's predictions for the year 2012

We've all seen the predictions — both fictional and pseudoarcheological — that the world will end in 2012. But while some of science fiction's predictions for the year 2012 are apocalyptic, some are merely disastrous — and a few are downright upbeat. Let's see what triumphs and tribulations science fiction says we can… » 1/07/12 2:00pm 1/07/12 2:00pm

Robert Heinlein's predictions for the Year 2000 (from 1952)

In the February 1952 issue of Galaxy magazine, Robert Heinlein offered his verdict on the conclusion of the twentieth century. He would later revisit these predictions in the 1966 short story collection The Worlds of Robert A. Heinlein and discuss the challenges of predicting the future. Here's what the author… » 12/25/11 11:45am 12/25/11 11:45am

io9's Field Guide to Martians

Science fiction is overrun with Martians, from monstrous invaders to shapeshifting superheroes to Santa-kidnapping buffoons. To make sense of over a century's worth of Martians, we present this grid ranking scifi Martians on their goodness and just how alien they are (click to expand). » 11/23/11 1:05pm 11/23/11 1:05pm

Amazingly Touching 1976 Letter from Ray Bradbury to Robert Heinlein:…

Even the great masters of science fiction paid tribute to the people who influenced them. Today, Letters of Note has a beautiful 1976 letter that Ray Bradbury wrote — by hand — to Robert Heinlein. » 9/14/11 10:30am 9/14/11 10:30am

Robert Heinlein And The 100 Year Starship Study

Anyone who looks back on Robert Heinlein's ‘juvenile' novels, twelve books written for young adults between 1947 and 1958, as inspiration for his current work gets my attention. I loved every one of those novels, particularly Citizen of the Galaxy (1957) and Starman Jones (1953), but David Neyland says it was Time for… » 8/21/11 9:30am 8/21/11 9:30am

Hollywood Take Note: 50 Amazing Science Fiction Books that Haven't Been…

The Register asked its readers to name the best science fiction books that haven't been turned into movies, and hundreds of nominations came in. Now the Register has whittled the list down to the 50 that got the most votes. » 4/20/11 5:00pm 4/20/11 5:00pm

10 Greatest Libertarian Science Fiction Stories

Looking for an antidote to Star Trek's utopian but overbearing Federation? Like your science fiction with a bigger emphasis on personal liberties? Then check out our list of the greatest libertarian science fiction. » 4/18/11 10:00am 4/18/11 10:00am

Nobody Pays Taxes Today: Tax Revolts from Science Fiction and Fantasy

Tax day is coming! No matter how you feel about the government and the things it does, you can't help but feel a twinge of pain as you send your painstaking calculations (and possibly a hefty check) to the IRS. » 4/14/11 1:09pm 4/14/11 1:09pm

When a great author puts out one bad book

Over at Shelfari, they're discussing "the worst books of the good authors" in science fiction. Including lone clunkers by Asimov, Heinlein and Niven. What are your least favorite books by your favorite authors? [Shelfari] » 11/15/10 12:05pm 11/15/10 12:05pm

1970s French art from classic science fiction books

Here are some gorgeous illustrations from the French science fiction compilation Club Du Livre D'Anticipation. Check out the works of Robert Heinlein and Philip K. Dick depicted by French artists like Moebius. » 11/07/10 9:55am 11/07/10 9:55am

Scariest future dystopias where the Conservatives have won

It's election day, and all indications are that the GOP will sweep Congress. What's the worst that can happen under the Republicans? Science fiction has the answer, with a wealth of stories about right-wing policies taken to horrendous extremes. » 11/02/10 11:40am 11/02/10 11:40am

Visit Clifton's Cafeteria and step back in time to the birthplace of…

The best place in the United States to sit and feel the ghostly presence of early 20th century science fiction is probably Clifton's Cafeteria in Los Angeles, which was the epicentre of 1930s pulp scifi. » 8/05/10 2:30pm 8/05/10 2:30pm

Words to live by: advice from 34 science fiction/fantasy authors

Great science fiction and fantasy novels don't just expose us to other worlds and alternate timelines — they expand our minds and give us compass to steer by. Here are our favorite bits of advice and maxims from SF books. » 7/22/10 8:30am 7/22/10 8:30am

A handy chart shows Robert Heinlein's complete future history

When will the Venusian colonists declare independence, according to Robert Heinlein's early stories? Now you can consult this handy future history chart, first published in the 1941 Astounding Science Fiction, and find out. Click to make huge. [Potrzebie] » 6/16/10 9:30am 6/16/10 9:30am

Is Starship Troopers a trenchant war parable for 2010, a cheesy excuse…

Some of us think of Starship Troopers as a brilliant satire, others consider it a bastardization of Robert Heinlein's novel. Scott Tobias of The Onion AV Club considers the 1997 film an apt metaphor for 21st-century nationalism and militarism. » 6/12/10 11:45am 6/12/10 11:45am

Robert A. Heinlein wasn't really a libertarian after all

Robert A. Heinlein's novel The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress is a seminal libertarian text, and Heinlein inspired many people to become libertarians. But Heinlein's own views were more varied, and his work dabbles in many different political philosophies. [] » 6/05/10 8:00am 6/05/10 8:00am